Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Family Ties

In 2000 Abul Ahad fled his native country, Bangladesh and entered the United States seeking political asylum, his request was denied, an appeal is still pending. Mr. Ahad’s wife Mumtahina arrived in the U.S. with her father who was also seeking political asylum. The couple met, wed, and reside in Detroit, where have been rising their three children, one of which has Hemophilia, an incurable disease that requires special care and medical treatment. The children were born in the US and are considered US citizens.

Because a court document was filed late by an attorney, both Mr. Ahad and his wife have been order to leave the US. On Tuesday October 13th as the local Bangladeshi community gathered to show their support, immigration officials granted the couple a one week stay, in order to make arrangements for the care of their children.

There is cause for concern because of Mus’ad, the couples 5 year old son’s medical condition. It is feared that there is no proper treatment for Hemophilia in Bangladesh.

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